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Old Mattress Removal Company in Jacksonville, FL

You know it is time to remove your mattress if you have recently bought a new one. Mattresses take up too large of a space and are heavy to carry by yourself. It’s not worth carrying it down the steps, putting your spine and back at risk, or taking it on an extended journey to the nearest dump. It’s not simple to take away mattresses from your property.

Are you also questioning how you can legally and effectively dispose of a mattress in Jacksonville, Florida? You might want to communicate with us. We are a reputable local mattress removal company in Jacksonville.

We aim to offer the highest quality of service to our customers throughout Florida and we promise that you’ll be pleased with our work. For a free, no-obligation quote, call us today!

Searching for "Mattress Removal Near Me"?

No more worries! We will take all the hassle out of searching for reputable mattress removal companies in Jacksonville. Our company offers a mattress removal service with speed and professionalism to allow you to move on with your daily life. EZ Hauling and Junk Removal mattress removal services are reasonably priced and take the hassle out of your life. We are here to help. Contact us now! (904) 447-5864

Mattress Junk Removal

If you’re in search of mattress removal services and mattress disposal, then you’re in the right spot. We’re sure that if you’re like us, you want to find out what will happen once we remove your old mattress from your home. Maybe you’re thinking about what you can do with it. Do we donate it? Are you recycling it? Do you want to dispose of your trash to a landfill?

The issue is that the majority of Florida donation centers don’t accept mattresses because of the danger of insect and bed bug infestations. They don’t want to offer an item of theirs to someone in need of it in order to cause further problems. This is sensible which leaves two choices.

First, we will send the mattress and take it to a recycling center. This is an environmentally-friendly alternative because almost every mattress can be made into something new. The fabric and the batting can be removed and used for new cloth products such as towels and clothing. Spring can also be taken out and used to make new metal items, such as cars, planes and construction equipment. Carpet padding is composed of a foam and is the primary component of mattresses.

Based on the Discovery’s Planet Green website, around 90% of mattresses are recyclable. That means that your mattress could be reused for years to come.
Although the mattress might appear like it’s in excellent shape, however, certain mattresses cannot be used again. It’s usually because of insects or other damages. We’ll assist you in determining the most sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal method for your mattress when recycling is not feasible. Let’s connect!

What to Expect at Mattress Removal and Disposal Day

  • We’ll arrange the time to collect the mattress from our team of junk removal experts.
  • We’ll be there to take your mattress on the day you have agreed on. We will not leave you hanging.
  • We’ll take your mattress and take the payment.

You can continue your day, or you can relax on the new mattress. Yes, it’s that easy and fast!

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Mattress Removal Cost in Jacksonville

Each case will determine the price of the mattress removal. Our team members are more than willing to provide you with an estimate and help you set up the date and time that suits your schedule. You are also eligible for discounts or promotions, so don’t hesitate to ask for more information. 

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Mattress Removal Jacksonville

Mattress Removal Company in Jacksonville

In the field of removal of box springs and mattresses, we are top of the list in Jacksonville! Being a mattress removal business we are aware of the importance of quality work. We guarantee you an outstanding service, and will remove every mattress, box spring, or bed frame, without you lifting a finger!

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Professional Mattress Removal Service

It can be difficult to remove a mattress that you have been using for some time. Consider hiring a professional mattress removal company to avoid problems such as moving the mattress from the second floor to going downstairs and the potential for injury as lifting a heavy object without a proper method of doing so can lead to muscle problems, including sore knee, shoulders, and back. 

This is a lot to consider, even if you don’t take into account how much time it will consume in your workday. Do you really want to spend the next day driving mattresses around town in Florida traffic? You should consider letting us handle your burden.

Trash Pickup Jacksonville​

EZ Hauling & Junk Removal has been a trusted trash removal service provider in Jacksonville, Florida for a couple of years now. Our team of experts is able to handle all types of trash and clutter. We pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience. We have helped many homeowners and businesses to get rid of unwanted junk and trash. Call us today for a free quote. We are happy to assist you with all your garbage pickup needs in Jacksonville

Residential Junk Removal

If you are looking for the best residential junk removal service, don’t waste your time searching elsewhere. We can take care of all your junk, including your recycling and trash. All of us know that junk and trash accumulates in our homes. Many of the residential junk removal jobs involve a lot more than just trash pickup. Our Jacksonville junk removal service is fast and environmentally friendly. We can also handle all your furniture and hot tub junk. Hire our team of professionals to handle the job.

Commercial Junk Removal

We are the best choice for commercial junk removal in town. Local residents support our team of commercial junk removal specialists. We can assist you with all aspects of commercial junk removal. You can rest assured that commercial junk, such as office furniture, appliances, and trash, will be taken away quickly, regardless of its type. We can help you restore your office to its former glory. We offer free estimates and are happy to answer any questions about commercial junk removal.

Junk Removal Emergency

We are the best junk removal company in Jacksonville. We provide the best service and will remove your junk in no time. We are a family-owned business and proudly serve the Jacksonville area. Our friendly and professional staff can handle any junk problem, no matter how small or large.

Affordable Services

We are experts in commercial and residential full-service cleanouts like estate cleanouts, foreclosure debris removal, etc. We can be hired to take out old furniture or appliances. Or you can enlist our help to do demolition work. We will do everything to make sure you are satisfied. We are the most trusted junk removal company in Jacksonville Florida, and we offer the best service in town. Our pros are the best choice if you are looking for a high-quality company in the area.

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